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The Joker-Bug 400 combines the characteristics of the BUG-LITE 400, a 400 Watt daylight HMI system without optics, with those of the JOKER 400, a PAR 46 fixture using a specular parabolic reflector and a set of 4 lenses. The JOKER-BUG 400 is comparable to a 1500/2000Wquartz fixture but with a power draw of only 5.5 Amps.

In the Bug-Lite mode (no optics) the main application is in traditional Lightbanks as well as Lanterns where it uses the sides as a large reflector, collecting the maximum output of the lamp and filling the front screen very evenly. It is very powerful in daylight interiors and can operate in any position including pointing straight down.

The BEAMER optical accessory turns the BUG-LITE into a JOKER-BUG, a directional PAR unit offering various beam patterns through quick lens changes. The JOKER-BUG 400 offers the most flexible optical configuration for location lighting by achieving Spot to Flood ratios of 80 to 1 with beam angles from as narrow as 5 degrees to as wide as 55 degrees.

The JOKER-BUG 400 is delivered with a Clear Glass Beaker when reaching for full intensity is important, and a Frosted Glass Beaker when light quality is the prime concern. The 400W MSR lamp was selected for its size/weight and the sizes/weights of the
components needed to operate it. The MSR lamp with its GZZ 9.5 base is considerably smaller than the next traditional Wattage, the 575 (G22 base); this in turn allows for more compact and shorter fixture design. The shorter arc gap of the 400 makes up for the difference of output between 400 and 575 and the lower Wattage does not require forced air cooling of the power supply.

The small, quiet ballast can be hidden anywhere and plugs in any circuit without risk of overloading. With the Slimverter 400 and two 30 volt batteries, the JOKER-BUG 400 is the largest 30 volt battery powered HMI. Motion Picture Gaffers and Freelance Cameramen have adopted the JOKER-BUG 400 for fine daylight interiors, car shots, two camera interviews, TV magazines, documentaries and industrials.

Lamp Housing: Aluminum casting, high temperature black. Striker compartment is made of aluminum in light gray finish.

Lamp Socket: GZZ 9.5, highly insulated for hot retsrike.

Safety Glass Beaker: Borosilicate UV filter tempered.

Yoke: Aluminum casting black high temperature finish. Large T-handle and large brake area for use with Lightbanks, SpeedRings, Louvers and Lanterns.

BEAMER Housing: Solid one piece machined aluminum with replaceable ears. Black anodized.

BEAMER Reflector: 5" diameter specular parabolic, aluminum 90% reflectance electrolytically coated.

Accessory Size: 6 5/8"

Mounting/Grip Equipment: All standard 5/8" baby hardware.

Lamp: 400 Watt MSR/SE daylight single ended discharge, 5600 Kelvin, 700 hours maximum life.

Connectors: Veam quarter-turn quick locking.

Extension Cable: 25 foot shielded. Common to 200/400 and 800 (nine feet attached to the head).

Power Supply: Electronic, square wave flicker free. AC input: 90-132 Volt or by sliding selector switch: 180-265V. 50 or 60Hz. Dual function On/Off push button switch. Completely silent (convection cooled).

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Distance Lens/Config Fc. L W
3' Spot 171556 0.1 0.1
Medium 16889 1.4 0.6
Wide 4933 3.3 1.0
Super Wide 2089 3.3 3.3
Fresnel Frost 1600 2.4 2.4
VPXS 356 3.9 3.9
6' Spot 42889 0.3 0.3
Medium 4222 2.8 1.1
Wide 1233 6.5 2
Super Wide 522 6.7 6.7
Fresnel Frost 400 4.7 4.7
VPXS 89 7.8 7.8
10' Spot 15440 0.5 0.5
Medium 1520 4.6 1.9
Wide 444 11 3.3
Super Wide 188 11 11
Fresnel Frost 144 7.9 7.9
VPXS 32 13 13
15' Spot 6862 0.7 0.7
Medium 676 6.9 2.8
Wide 197 16 4.9
Super Wide 84 17 17
Fresnel Frost 64 12 12
VPXS 14 20 20
20' Spot 3860 1 1
Medium 380 9.3 3.8
Wide 111 22 6.6
Super Wide 47 22 22
Fresnel Frost 36 16 16
VPXS 8 26 26



The Joker-Bug System