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Carl Filoreto
Elk Run Productions, Inc.

Well crafted compelling - looking interviews are at the core of a lot of my work. I like using the warm tones generated by daylight balanced lights for the majority of my interviews, and K5600 HMI's are my choice for the primary lights. Their consistency, versatility and reliability make them the most valuable piece of my lighting tool box. They're equally adept at handling my outdoor lighting needs, so when I need to light scenes ranging from a network news live shot to lighting a show host on a beach, I automatically turn to my collection of K5600 HMIs. The Joker 800 has proven to be invaluable in supplying an adequate amount of light in those often difficult outdoor situations. The ability of the Joker 400 to easily run off a car inverter, or for the 200 to run off batteries has consistently proven to be a production lifesaver. And the repair department has always responded to my urgent cries for help by getting loaners to me in the field and taking care of my repairs quickly and effectively. In my book, K5600 is an impressive company with a lot of great products.