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Jose Gerel, Cinematographer

“I appreciate, for various reasons, the products from K5600. First, the Alpha 4K of which I am most familiar, especially for interior scenes (a lightweight and compact light with beautiful output). I am also a fan of the Alpha 18K to which I have been using for 3 years, for the quality of its exceptional range, the quality of its spectrum, softness, weight and its effectiveness for interiors and exteriors.

Alphas have all the range of the Jokers as general-purpose lights which one can use anywhere. The gaffers also appreciate them for their versatility. These lights belong to my lighting list on each film. The Alpha 18K and 4K were  important components of my principal list on the feature-length film with Nicolas Cuche. They beautifully fulfilled their role in all aspects, especially, in the two immense churches."