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Matthieu Poirot, Cinematographer

“I familiarized myself with the Source Fours while installing them on fashion shows. 
These lights are very well thought out and have a remarkable luminous power taking into account their size. I not only use them in diffusing surfaces or reflective but also on various surfaces on the set (ceilings, tables, walls, colored objects, etc…)
The advantage of these lights in the case of an indirect light is the possibility of concentrating the beam on an intermediate surface by protecting in a very simple way (cutter blades and iris) surfaces which should not be reached by the beam.
The possibility, thanks to the Bug-A-Beam adapter for Joker Bug to be able to as well use these lights in “HMI” (Joker 400 or 800) makes this technique valid under all conditions.
The use of these lights and this technique of lighting was really a revelation for me and it is very rare that they do not appear in quantities in the basic equipment list on my projects.