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Michael Soo
Cinematographer / Photographer 
"Light manipulation for a team of photographers and cinematographers in a single event like a wedding takes a whole new level in workflow redesign. We utilize the Jokers with a crossover + grid AND an on/off remote switch that creates the pizzazz during the first dance.  Our photographers and cinematographers can utilize the same light easily.  
On top of that, we are using the Jokers for commercial or product photography when precision is one of the requirement.  Nothing like seeing what you're getting, to create the perfect shine on diamonds.  Some photos above are done for Apple products in San Francisco's MacWorld."
K5600 Joker 400 and 800 with Joker Crossover Adapter and Beauty Dish
Michael Soo

See Michael Soo's blog here: http://www.soophotography.com/blog