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Michael Simon
Director of Photography

I am a die hard Joker fan. I own six of them: four 400's and two 200's. I thought you might like these pictures. My/Your lights are being put to good use right now. We are using ten Jokers to light the Military's newest set: the briefing room in Doha Qatar. There are military briefings every day that all of the US networks air. Perhaps you have already seen one of the briefings during the current military conflagration. These lights are on nearly 24/7 to light the briefing room set. It is truly a global stage as the world's media uses the set for live shot backdrops in addtion to the briefings. We have had no problems with the lights and I continue to be pleased with your craftmanship. The only maintenance is changing the bulbs.

Let me know what you think and thanks for making a great light!

Best regards,
Michael Simon