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Ralph Linhardt
Director of Photography

"I have used both the Alpha 18K and 4K HMIs to GREAT effect, especially the ability to burn the Alphas straight down with either the fresnel lens, clear pyrex or any other lens. Try that with any other 18K and it will burn out the reflector and possibly worse!  With the Pyrex clear lens you can make a great hard point source shadow light the has razor sharp edges. Then you can change the lens out in a second for the fresnel and have a classic 24" fresnel HMI that is wider and just as spotty because the increased travel of the bulb in the tray.  So I find the Alphas MUCH more useful than a Par if I had the choice of just one or the other... Try a straight down 18K Alpha bare bulb (pyrex glass lens only) into a 12x12 soft box top light and you may fall in love too!"