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Rodrigo Prieto
Director of Photography

“I was positively surprised by the Alpha's range (both 4K and 18 K) which I used on my last film with Pedro Almadovar. I discovered new possibilities of lighting the scenes. Thanks to the weight and the small size of the units, I can ensure you that the lighting electricians appreciated the ease it was to handle the 4K with only one person and the 18K with two. If weight and size were the only advantages of the Alpha's, it would have been enough for me right there, considering the number of stairs we used on this film. But, this range of lights has another feature which makes it unique, it is the possibility of using them pointing straight down. I could light whole scenes with the Alpha's suspended while benefitting from the quality of the sharp shadows and a very large and even spread.

Alpha's are incredibly versatile and smartly conceived as well. For example, the two spigots on the yoke make it very easy to fix flags and frames without having to add an additional stand. When pointing straight down, these spigots highly facilitate the set up of accessories. Although these lights are highly efficient Fresnels with their lenses, without the lens they offer a remarkably wide and even beam. We can really say that you get two lights in one: a Goya and a Fresnel. For my next project, I am looking forward to using their new accessory, the Space Beam. It adds a function of a beam projector as well as a HMI Spacebeam.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Alpha's versatility, enabling me to convey to production, that by taking the Alpha's, we both have a winning situation.”