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Szymon Lenkowski
Director of Photography

At PLUS Camerimage in Poland, K5600 provided and assortment lighting equipment for various workshops.  This particular 3 hour workshop focused on post production, green screen and remote control.  The workshop was taught by Polish DP Szymon Lenkowski and the equipment he used was the Alpha 1600, a Joker 400 and a Joker 200 in a Big Eye.

The Alpha 1600 was used to evenly light then entire green screen.  The Joker 400 was mounted in a softbox and used to key light two actors while the Big Eye was used to highlight around their shoulders.  

Szymon has directed many commercials, shot 2 features, and has completed several documentaries. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2264970/

A little about Plus Camerimage:
The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography PLUS CAMERIMAGE is the greatest and most recognized festival dedicated to the art of cinematography and its creators - cinematographers. PLUS CAMERIMAGE contributes to the growth of cinematographers' prestige. The unconventional format of the Festival, which awards films according to their visual, aesthetic and technical values, has turned out to be an alternative for traditional film festivals. As all our guests emphasize - PLUS CAMERIMAGE is unique. The Festival proves to be a great forum not only for presentation but also for further development of international moviemaking. PLUS CAMERIMAGE helps young filmmakers and integrates the community of those already recognized, allowing them to explore new artistic areas. http://www.pluscamerimage.pl/onas.php