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Thomas Kloss

For the Set of ‘CONAN’, the large structure representing a giant creature with long tentacles needed to cast its shadow on the water surface and beyond. Gaffer Yavor “Yasho” Zahariev and his crew rigged four ALPHA 4K pointing straight down in the “open Eye” mode in order to achieve the sharp edge shadows of the tentacles.

“The sets of ‘Conan’ in Bulgaria were calling for Tungsten and HMI’s. HMI’s were used for daytime and underwater scenes for which the position pointed straight down was important and many other scenes dictated this angle. I had used the Alpha 4k’s on a prior commercial and found them strong and perfect for the job. They can perform straight down without burning their reflectors or switching off because of overheating. I used them on two boat interiors, a monastery, on balconies and most daylight scenes, in direct open eye mode, with the Fresnel’s and through diffusion bags. We used a total of 8 units, they were very consistent for the whole shooting. They are the only lights I worked with so far that can work tilted straight down, I enjoyed working with them”