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Joker 300 LED Zoom BAB

One of our most popular accessories is the Bug-A-Beam Adapter for our Jokers.  Clients love the hard light projection quality and ease of control with built in cutters, which eliminates grip on set.  Naturally, the first question we get when we demonstrate our new Joker 300 LED is "Is there a Bug-A-Beam Adapter available?"

Enter our Focal Spot.  LED Optics and HMI optics are two different animals.  An HMI is  a perfect 360 degree source, making it deal to insert into a Source 4 Unit and maximize output efficiency.  LEDs are 180 degree, flat light light sources.  Inserting them into a Source 4 creates so much inefficiency, the light output borders on useless. 

Our Focal Spot utilizes Plano convex optics, creating a condenser system with focusable objective lenses from 20 to 40 degrees, maximizing output and providing that crisp "Jo-Leko" effect you'll find useful on any set.

  • 1 x A0300BAB - Joker 300 LED Zoom BAB
  • Item Width, Height, Depth and Weight:
    Kit: 5" x 5" x 8" ; 5 lbs.

    Other Item Specifications:
    Adapter: Spun Aluminum

  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon