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Founded in 1992, K5600 has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Paris, France.  Our mission is to create innovative lighting solutions for today’s production requirements, with a focus on HMI and LED Technology.  Our fixtures are some of the lightest, brightest, and most versatile on the market.

All products are designed in house and manufactured all over the world.  With our presence in both the US and European markets, we’ve established supply chain redundancy for all our products, ensuring that no demand is too large to fulfill. 

The Joker has been around since 1992.  Starting as a traditional PAR light, it evolved into the “swiss-army” knife of lighting.  Its bare bulb design allows for countless accessory attachments, shaping light depending on the scene.  Our Joker2 is the latest model, encapsulating a complete redesign.  Enhancements include improved strain relief and braking systems, quick change lamp access, and numerous ballast features including hi-speed, dimming, and wireless control.

One of our most popular accessories, the Bug-A-Beam Adapter allows you to mate your Joker with an ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal.  For the Joker 400, all you need is the BAB Adapter.  For the Joker 800, you need the BAB Adapter, a modified Source 4 back provided by us, and a lamp pin extension.  And of course, you’ll need an ETC Source 4 Unit, where you’ll remove the provided 750 Incandescent lamp and replace with you Joker.

Our Kurve line of umbrellas range from 2 feet to 7 feet in diameter.  Each includes two focus tubes:  1.  Our HT Focus Tube is specifically designed for use with the Joker 800 and 1600.  The head attaches to the back of the tube while the lamp to the front – think of it as a long pin extension.  2.  Our Alt Focus Tube is empty and has a removable baby pin.  You can attach any fixture, including flash, to the front of the focus tube and run the cabling thru the tube and out the back of the umbrella.

Alphas are the smallest, lightest, and most versatile Fresnels on the market.  Ranging from 200W up to 18,000W, Alphas combine traditional Fresnel effects with the ability to remove the lens, creating hard crisp shadows (Open Eye).  Our Composite Quartz reflector allows for placing the reflector directly next to lamp and shrinking it’s size, allowing for max ventilation and use of the fixture in a straight down configuration – something no other Fresnel can do.