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Joker 200W Evo Kit

The output of the Joker can be compared to a 750/1000 Watt quartz fixture, but with a power draw less than 3 Amps. It has become a standard for small interiors, interviews, documentaries and car shots. 

The PAR type design is preferred for its spot to flood ration (80 to 1), compactness (no focusing), ease of use and efficiency through diffusing material. The popular set of four lenses and barndoor will help to control the beam patterns from 5 degrees to 65 degrees. Optical Beamer can be easily removed, which allows light to fill Lantern or any size Lightbank evenly.

  • 1 x U0200B1 - Joker 200 Head w/9ft. Cable, clear glass beaker
    1 x A0900BMR - Beamer Optical accessory
    1 x L0200LCLD - 200W LCL Lamp, 5600K, Evolution
    1 x L0200LCLT - 200W LCL Lamp, 3200K, Evolution
    1 x B0200EVO - Electronic Power Supply, 110/240V, 50/60Hz
    1 x A0200BD - Four leaf Barndoor
    1 x A0200LS - 200W Joker Lens Set w/Bag
    1 x A0200LP - Litepac Soft Case - Small

  • Item Width, Height, Depth and Weight:
    Head: 5" x 5" x 5" ; 4 lbs.
    Ballast: 5" x 5" x 5" ; 4 lbs.
    Kit: 10" x 10" x 10" ; 20 lbs.

    Other Item Specifications:
    Head: Die Cast Aluminum
    Ballast: Electronic square wave, flicker free AC Input; 90-265V, 50/60Hz. Convection Cooled.
    Lamp: 200W MSR/HMI, 5600K, Single Ended
    Cable: 9' Head Cable; 25' Extension
    Accessory Size: 5"
    Lens Size: PAR36
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