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Spacebeam for Alpha 4K

Our Spacebeam accessory, specifically designed and manufactured for our Alpha 4K, makes the Alpha the most versatile large HMI on the market.

By configuring the SpaceBeam with skirt and lens, a snoot is constructed giving the Alpha 4K the capability of creating an intense, narrow projection beam.

In addition to long throw lighting effects, a space light effect can also be produced. The Alpha 4k Quartz Reflector Technology allows for use of the fixture in the straight down position. By inserting the SpaceBeam on to the Alpha 4K while in this position, a space light effect can be crafted / generated by wrapping the SpaceBeam with its soft, white diffusion fabric.

  • 1 x P4KST - 4K Spacebeam Hyperspot Structure w/Gel Frame
    1 x PMU4KSHP3 - 4K Spacebeam Hyperspot Short Poles (x3)
    1 x P4KBLSKHS - 4K Spacebeam Hyperspot Black Skirt
    1 x POU4KHL - 4K Spacebeam Hyperspot Lens
    1 x A4KBAG - 4K Spacebeam Hyperspot Bag
    1 x PMU4KLP3 - 4K Spacebeam Spacelight Long Poles (x3)
    1 x A4KWDIFF - 4K Spacebeam Spacelight White Diffusion
    1 x P4KBLSKSL - 4K Spacebeam Spacelight Black Skirt

  • Item Width, Height, Depth and Weight:

    Other Item Specifications:
    Lens: Projection Polycarbonate

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  • Coming Soon