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Alpha 300 LED Kit

Newly released, the Alpha 300 LED delivers crisp highlight/shadow quality comparable to traditional tungsten or HMI sources. 

Most LED Fresnels fail in single shadow reproduction.  The Alpha 300 design maintains the core principal of the Fresnel Lens - appropriate source to lens size ratio.  Using an ultra small light emitting surface (LES), the Alpha 300 provides appropriate spot to flood focusing of 10-50 degrees, and more importantly, provides single, soft edge shadows that you'd expect from any traditional Fresnel instrument.

Using Plano Convex optics to properly project light output and lens dispersion, efficiencies are maximized of the 180 degree LED source, leading to brighter, more even light.


  • 1 x U0300ALPHA - Alpha 300 LED
    1 x A0300BMR - Joker LED Beamer
    1 x B0300PSU - 300W LED Power Supply
    1 x A0800BD - Four Leaf Barndoor
    1 x C0900U - Extension Cable; 25ft
    1 x P0800LF - Fresnel Lens
    1 x A0300CC - Carrying Case
  • Item Width, Height, Depth and Weight:
    Head: 11.5" x 11" x 10" ; 10 lbs.
    Ballast: 8" x 7.5" x 3" ; 5.5 lbs.
    Kit: 17" x 12" x 19" ; 39 lbs.

    Other Item Specifications:
    Head: Die Cast Aluminum
    Ballast: Electronic Power Supply, AC Input; 90-265V, 50/60Hz. Variable Output Frequency 1-1000khz; Wired/Wireless DMX enabled; 3 Amps @ 120V 
    Lamp: 600W Bi-Color Matrix LED
    Cable: 9' Head Cable; 25' Extension
    Fresnel Lens: 185mm
    Accessory Size: 7 3/4"
  • Alpha 300