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Joker² 800W Jo-Leko Kit

The 800W is the most popular unit of the Joker² range, and was the first 800W HMI on the market.  It's output is comparable to over 4000W of a Quartz fixture’s output and produces one full stop more than our Joker² 400.

This Joker² kit features a Joker head and ballast, along with our custom designed 800W Bug-A-Beam Adapter Kit.  In addition to the BAB Adapter, the kit includes a modified Source 4 back end, along with lamp pin extensions to ensure your 800W lamp sits at the optimal light center for maximum output.

Without optics, the bare-bulb output is optimal for use in Lightbanks and lanterns due to its ability to create perfectly even distribution within accessories.

The 800W comes with a dimmable ballast, which is able to work at 300 or 1000 Hz frequencies for High Speed shoots. Drawing less than 7.5 amps on a 120V line, the 800W ballast can run on any available house power. Using the "Lumenradio" protocol, the new ballast now has an antenna and DMX panel allowing for it to be controlled via a tablet or smartphone.

  • 1 x U0800B2 - Joker2 800W Head w/Cable
    1 x L0800SE - Lamp 5600K, UV Stop, SE
    1 x B0800E2 - 800W Ballast; wDMX, ALS, Dimming, 1000Hz
    1 x K0800S42 - Joker2 BAB Adapter Kit for 800

  • Item Width, Height, Depth and Weight:
    Head: 8" x 7" x 11" ; 5.5 lbs.
    Ballast: 15" x 9" x 4" ; 14 lbs.

    Other Item Specifications:
    Head: Die Cast Aluminum
    Ballast: Electronic square wave, flicker free AC Input; 90-265V, 50/60Hz. Convection Cooled. Hi Speed 1000Hz; Wireless DMX enabled; 7.5 Amps @ 120V 
    Lamp: 1600W CSR/HMI, 5600K, Single Ended
    Cable: 9' Head Cable
    Accessory Size: Bug Speed Ring

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