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Slice 150 x 2 LED Kit

To stand out from the seemingly endless crowd of flat LED panels, we've introduced the SLICE, a razor thin light design that boast lightweight construction without compromised quality.  

Our housing's male/female aluminum extrusion design is rugged and allows for countless mounting options.  Slide multiple slices together to create large soft light, or even slide them together at 90 degree angles to wrap your source around objects.  

Holes are located throughout for tacking directly to walls.  Magnets are fixed in the corners for diffusion and grids.  Accessories include baby pins, goosenecks, and backplates for even more mounting options. 

All Slice panels are 2700-6500K and include a 3ft head cable, which is compatible with other Joker cables you already own.  


  • 2 x U0300SLW2 - Slice 150
    1 x B0300PSU - 300W LED Power Supply
    1 x PEB0900SB - LED Splitter Box
    2 x C0900U - Extension Cable; 25ft
    2 x A0300BABY - 3/8" Pin w/Cold Shoe Mount
    3 x PMU0300CS - Cold Shoe Rounded Top
    3 x PMU0300LD - 4 Point Lock Down Knob
    1 x PMU0300BP - Back Plate
    1 x PMU0300KBF - Kupo Lollipop w/Baby Pin receiver
    1 x A0300SCC - Carrying Case
  • Item Width, Height, Depth and Weight:
    Head: 23" x 10.5" x 1" ; 8 lbs.
    Ballast: 8" x 7" x 3" ; 5 lbs.
    Kit: 30" x 10" x 14" ; 50 lbs.

    Other Item Specifications:
    Head: Aluminum Extrusion
    Ballast: Electronic Power Supply, AC Input; 90-265V, 50/60Hz. Variable Output Frequency 1-1000khz; Wired/Wireless DMX enabled; 3 Amps @ 120V 
    Lamp: Bi-Color LED
    Cable: 9' Head Cable; 25' Extension

  • Coming Soon